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August 19, 2000

This issue of McGuffin's Untrue News is brought to you by the Chamber of Commerce of East St. Louis, Illinois, voted worst American city to live in for the 7th straight year. (Clearly the voters have never been to Baltimore). Consider locating your home and/or business in East St. Louis. Our advantages include low tax rate, affordable housing, cheap labor and mean cops. East St. Louis...we have nowhere to go but up!

SPECIAL DIET EDITION. Seven delicious foods that will help raise your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure (p.12); how chocolate fights cancer (p 16); fat, salt and saccharine, your best friends for good health (p 21); genetic corn perfumes flatulence (p. 25); get on the no-fiber diet (p 26).



The Democratic National Convention was held in Los Angeles. We listened carefully to all the speeches. We haven't heard that much bullshit since the Republican National Convention.



Scientists aboard a Russian icebreaker discovered water at the north pole, said to be positive proof that global warming is taking place. Rush Limbaugh, who denies global warming as staunchly as he denies the holocaust or women's humanity, was asked by Untrue News for comment. Said Limbaugh "A RUSSIAN ship said so...and you believe them? Why don't you boys start listening to Americans like me, not dirtbag commie-liberal-democrats like them rooskies." Informed by a reporter that the word "rooskies" hadn't been used since Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" in 1964, Limbaugh repeated the statement, replacing "them rooskies" with " you reporters".



Area residents bury a time capsule containing a Spice Girls cd, a tape of the quiz show "Greed", a DVD of "Autumn Sonata" and photos of the house guests on "Big Brother". The capsule will be dug up in two years to see if anyone can remember anything about any of the items.



Deep fears: Russians say crew of sub believed dead --- NBC News: Candidates fail to ignite youth vote --- Tiger stumbles in PGA, but still leads by one

A Russian submarine is trapped at the bottom of the North Atlantic, and it appears that time has run out for its crew. Russian rescue vehicles are at the scene, and Hollywood is helping out by assigning three of its top screenwriters to come up with a treatment on the sub thing.



In sports news today, some athletes did drugs.



75 year old Coolidge Winesett, of Ivanhoe Virginia, was trapped for three days in the five-foot hole of a partially collapsed outhouse. Winesett was eventually rescued by his mail carrier. Interviewed by Untrue News about the experience, Winesett said as horrible as the experience was, it was better than watching "Scary Movie".



At the Democratic National Convention, Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) salutes the American Flag, while his wife points and laughs at the fat little man waving it.



In addition to surgery to remove two malignant melanomas on his left arm and his temple, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will have a polyp removed from his nose. The polyp was noticed after Sen. McCain's speech at the Republican National Convention. News of the polyp sent George W. Bush scurrying to his proctologist.


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