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June 3, 2000

This edition of McGuffin's Untrue News is brought to you by The Gap, makers of t-shirts, tops, shorts and slacks in new cool pastels for summer. Enjoy soft blueberry cream, tangy cranberry, cool lime, sensuous mango, refreshing watermelon and mellow banana. Fall into the Gap today and say "Give me some of those fruity colors, please."


O.J. Simpson's girlfriend allegedly attacked him last week at a Miami hotel, Dade County police said. Both Simpson and his girlfriend, 25 year old Christie Prody, denied the charges. Prody said she was chipping golf shots on the hotel lawn at the time, and is launching a search for the real attacker.



In Manhattan, WCBS-TV weatherman Mark Danon was charged with buying cocaine between his 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. broadcasts. Police said they became suspicious of Danon when his 6 PM forecast included the prediction "sunny and mild throughout the northeast, with two grams of snow on the corner of 10th Avenue and 18th Street ."



Paramount's Mission:Impossible 2 earned $59 million over the first three days of the Memorial Day weekend. That's about three dollars per explosion.

To date Mission: Impossible 2 has grossed more than $75 million. However Exec Producer Terence Chang told Untrue News "We don't expect any of our back end profit participants to see any money. The film cost over $350 million to make and promote." Asked to justify the high cost, Chang replied "Tom took 20 mil in front. The shooting cost $10 million. The advertising and distribution cost was another $10 million. That's $350 million right there!"



Five people were killed and two more hospitalized after a brutal robbery-murder at a New York City Wendy's. The deaths mark a first for Wendy's. Usually people who go there just get really really sick.



Mary Venereal hears the ten millionth joke about her last name.


by Untrue News Science Editor Dr. Mel E. Levine


I didn't get the gig I wanted, MC of the regular Monday Midnight Amateur Nights at Smiley Face in Decatur, Illinois, but you can catch my act on Tuesday June 6, at the Nutt Hut in Tifton Georgia between Macon and Valdosta, a little closer to Valdosta. I'll be opening for a very funny guy, Mr. Rob Bartlett. All you good folks in the southern Georgia area please come on down. In the field of science, I heard they were cloning sheep or something, wow, what won't they think of next? It's pretty amazing. -- MEL


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