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re: Jan 8, 2000
November 18, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam:

Jennifer Love Hewitt has hired Cybertrackers to monitor the use of her name, likeness and image on the World Wide Web. In that regard, we have determined that you are utilizing Jennifer Love Hewitt's name, likeness and image and that such use may be violating Jennifer Love Hewitt's publicity or privacy rights or certain copyrights owned or licensed by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO COMMERCIALLY EXPLOIT Jennifer Love Hewitt's NAME, LIKENESS OR IMAGE. Such impermissible exploitation is a violation of Jennifer Love Hewitt's right of publicity under both common law and California Civil Code section 3344.

See, "Empowering Celebrities in Cyberspace" at http://www.rmslaw.com/articles/art6.htm. Pursuant to California Civil Code section 3344, Jennifer Love Hewitt will recover her attorney's fee in any resulting litigation as well as actual damages. As you may know, such lawsuits routinely result in large judgments against websites. See "Actress Given Six Figure Award Over Nude Photographs" at http://www.msnbc.com/news/226315.asp.

Jennifer Love Hewitt hereby demands that you immediately cease all uses of her name, likeness or image on your website and that you immediately contact all search engines or portals to which you website is registered using Jennifer Love Hewitt's name. Unless you comply with this demand, you will be turned over to Cybertracker's attorney who has a proven track record prosecuting these matters throughout the world. See http://www.rmslaw.com/attorneys/kamarck.htm.

Be governed accordingly.


Lin Milano Cybertrackers

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