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July 1, 2002
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June 21 The Hammoud brothers. Mohammad 28 of 16 counts including providing material to the terrorist group Hezbollah. His brother, Chawki, 37, was found guilty of charges including cigarette smuggling, credit card fraud, money laundering and racketeering. The two operated a cigarette-smuggling ring based in North Carolina that funneled profits to the militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon.

  • June 23 -- Kevin Hart 29, found guilty by a jury of manslaughter for his role in a drag race in which a rival driver crashed, killing himself and the driver of a third car.
  • June 25 -- Robert Blake found guilty of murder ( not yet).
  • June 26 --Guilty Verdicts re-instated against five Orange, N.J., police officers found guilty in the beating and pepper spraying of an innocent man who died in police custody in 1999. An appeals court had thrown out an earlier conviction
  • June 26 -- Providence R. I. Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr., found guilty of corruption.
  • June 28 -- Robert Waugh, 56, UK farmer , found guilty of keeping pigs said to be the origin of Britain's worst foot-and-mouth outbreak ever.

And these fine folks copped a plea:

  • Former Councilwoman Rene Mansho of Honolulu, pleaded guilty to stealing city funds.
  • Charles Williams, 16, to two counts of first degree murder and thirteen counts of attempted murder in a suburban San Diego school shooting.
  • Zhan Yin, 28, foreign student, to the murder of two female Purdue students, plus burglary and attempted arson.
  • Martha Stewart, to insider trading (not yet)
  • Kenneth Walton, a Sacramento, Calif., lawyer, and Scott Beach, of Lakewood, Colo., pleased guilty to falsely inflating prices to over $100,000. by submitting fake bids for a phony Richard Diebenkorn painting auctioned on e-bay.

Congratulations to this week's losers.

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