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February 14, 2003
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Kim Jong Il Bobblehead - untruenews.com


Secret Government documents obtained by Untrue News showing aerial photos of terrorist enclaves in Atlantic City, New Jersey


  • A. Chemical weapons hidden in railroad cars

  • B. Phony "electric company" produces titanium rods

  • C. Portable bio weapons concealed in trunk of car

  • D. Poison released into water supply turned on by this hidden tap

  • E. Secret location of weapons of mass destruction

  • F. Jailed terrorist Mustafa ben Awali directs operations from his cell

Closeup shows otherwise hidden details

  • G. Modest neighborhood homes with hidden bunkers beneath

  • H. Palaces are used to store nuclear weapons

  • I.  Missile silo concealed beneath top hat.



BUSH SPEAKS TO REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS... says "we need to make more Republican laws."

BUSH APPEALS TO RELIGIOUS LEADERS... reminds them churches need to be "faith based."

NASA EXPLAINS SHUTTLE DISASTER... tells Untrue News "something went wrong"

MICHAEL JACKSON CLARIFIES.... claims he thought "Nambla" was a record label.

CIA PROVES IRAQ--AL QUEDA LINK... says second cousin of Al-Queda member once dated Iraqi girl in college.

PHIL SPECTOR CHARGED IN SHOOTING DEATH... should have been arrested years ago for "Da Do Ron Ron"

SEAN PENN AND BARBRA STREISAND WILL ACT AS HUMAN SHIELDS IN BAGHDAD... percentage of Americans in favor of bombing rises dramatically.


A heightened terrorist alert is no need for panic. The US Government wants YOU to be their primary line of defense in the war on terrorism. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and others:

  • 1. Be wary of people carrying large or bulky bags or suitcases, especially in train stations and airports.
  • 2. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are at home, take steps to know which room you are in. Post large signs on the walls saying 'Living room" "den" "kid's bedroom" etc. so you will always know. Make sure there is no one in your home who shouldn't be there.
  • 3. Avoid crowds. This means staying away from offices, restaurants, movie theaters, public transportation, malls, shopping centers, streets, gyms, department stores, parking garages, workplaces, libraries, beauty parlors, terminals, supermarkets, playgrounds, schools, stadiums, highways, apartment buildings, public parks or anywhere you are likely to encounter others. Continue to live life normally.
  • 4. Be on the lookout for people attempting to set their shoes on fire.
  • 5. It is perfectly legal for you to stop anyone and ask "Hey, what's in that backpack?"
  • 6. If someone looks suspicious, he or she probably is. Report suspicious looking people immediately.

France and Germany will work together to discourage a US assault in the middle east. According to diplomats, Germany will invade France, France will surrender, and the US will be so busy liberating it, there will be no time for Iraq. French President Jacques Chirac told Untrue News "As long as the Germans are here, our streets will be clean and our women will shave their legs. It's a win situation for everyone."


Two of Sadam's hidden Bunkers.

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Occasionally Untrue News comes across an item so horrendous we could not improve upon it. Here's one of them:


WASHINGTON: Six months after it was created by Congress, the new board overseeing the accounting profession the centerpiece of reform legislation after a year of corporate scandal held its first formal meeting today without a permanent chairman, a senior staff or a final budget. During the meeting, the new board members voted themselves annual salaries of $452,000, or $52,000 more than the pay of the president.


Our latest readers' poll asked "Which is dumber, a container of epsom salts or the customer service staff of Cingular Wireless? RESULTS: 6,415 readers responding.

Cingular Wireless customer service staff
is dumber..............3,761

A container of Epsom
salts is dumber.......2,117

Not sure, or
no opinion...............537

Thanks to everyone who participated.


Real letters from McGuffin's The Untrue News critics.

Our unabashed bash of Sean Hannity brought out the nay-sayers in full force. Here's the mail we received from Hannity's fans (all three of them):

From: Paul Arcuri [mailto: p.arcuri@attbi.com
Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 10:29 AM
To: mcguffin@untruenews.com
Subject: You suck

I can say SOOOOOO many things about your site. But I will make it short. You really lack common sense AND youre an asshole.

McGuffin Replies: You've said nothing at all about the website. All you said was we lack common sense and are an asshole. Thanks for making it short and stating the obvious. By the way, there's an apostrophe in "you're".

From: Joseph A Mulay [mailto: joemulay@juno.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 10:46 PM
To: mcguffin@untruenews.com
Subject: Waste

Your web site was a waste of the 2 minutes of my time I spent there. Change your name to unfunny or worthless.

McGuffin replies: We're surprised you wasted another minute writing to us about it. However we're nothing if not fair. Let us know your annual salary and we'll compensate you for the three minutes of your time.

From: Bob Hess [mailto: robertlhess@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 1:18 PM
To: mcguffin@untruenews.com
Subject: your website

How did you ever get that classified as humor? Although I disagree with you idealogically (sic), I have to say that the material on your site has not even the slightest element of humor at all.


McGuffin replies: What on earth gave you the idea we were funny? Do you think there's something funny about Sean Hannity being prettier than Ann Coulter? We find it sad.



Winners of free tickets to a local Jim Brickman concert learn the performance has been cancelled

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