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Condoleeza Rice

Severe Famine Reported in Niger

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says "Let 'em eat yellow cake."

Karl Rove InterviewMcGuffin's The Untrue News interviews Karl Rove

McGUFFIN: People are accusing you of "outing" Valerie Plame.

ROVE: Outing her? I didn't even know she was gay.

McGUFFIN: In the sense of giving her name to the press.

ROVE: Is she really gay? That would help me a lot.

McGUFFIN: Did you mention her name to Novak, and/or to Judith Miller of the Times?

ROVE: Now you listen to me. (pointing finger) I did not name that woman. Miss Plame.

McGUFFIN: You never indicated to anyone that she may have been involved as an undercover operative of the CIA?

ROVE: How could I? I didn't even know she was gay, let alone with the CIA.

McGUFFIN: The entire investigation is made up by your political enemies?

ROVE: Apparently by my political GAY enemies, Mr. McGuffin.

McGUFFIN: There's no need to glare at me, sir. Let's get back to the topic.

ROVE: Good. Now tell me more about Valerie Plame being gay. You know, I always thought her husband was wearing  helium shoes, if you know what I mean.

McGUFFIN: I don't know anything about her.

ROVE: Those gay women, I've gotta tell you. I'm more or less a eunuch, but sometimes they really light my fuse. Sorry, don't interpret that as intent to bomb. Hahahah.

McGUFFIN: Sir, our readers really want to know...

ROVE: Off the record. Have you ever seen a couple of those lezzies in action? I almost wanted sex, it was so hot.

McGUFFIN: We're not off the record.

ROVE: I was quoting Joe Wilson, about his wife, the CIA spy.

McGUFFIN: There, you just did it!

ROVE: I never mentioned a name. I never said Joe Wilson's wife was Valerie Plame, the lesbo.

McGUFFIN: She's not a...

ROVE: Don't start dodging now, you're the one who brought it up.

McGUFFIN: Thank you for your time, Mr. Rove.

ROVE: When the going gets tough, you crumble, don't you?

McGUFFIN: I'm seeing diminishing returns here.

ROVE: Just like all you liberal lesbians.

McGUFFIN: Will that stand as your last word?

ROVE: God bless the United States of America and President George Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney, and the Halliburton Corporation and their subsidiaries.

karl rove the patriot


An Untrue News fake ad

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London was attacked by terrorist bombs on 7/7/2005, as explosive devices detonated in three subways and on a bus line at the height of the early rush hour.

Queen Elizabeth IIContacted at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth told McGuffin's The Untrue News "Even in a great tragedy, there is some good that comes out of it. For example, thank God Princess Diana isn't alive to see this."


For being a voice of calm, clear, cool reason against the lying tirades of the liberal left.

We ask all the readers of McGuffin's The Untrue News to join us in supporting Ann Coulter. Ann smokes Carleton, so we are asking everyone to send at least a pack of Carleton cigarettes to Ms. Coulter, in appreciation of the excellent, objective work she is doing as the voice of clarity in a troubled world. Send your pack or carton of Carleton now to Ann Coulter, in care of her publishers.

Do a good turn for your country!  Keep Ann smoking!

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