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Editor and Publisher -- Mark McGuffin
Political Scandals -- Tom Tettrazzini
TV and Television -- Richard Millicent Mile
Jayson Blair -- Horrendous Liar
Movies and Film -- Avon Proctor
Music -- Mary Banilow
Washington Bureau -- Alice Chalmers
New York Bureau -- Leonard "Big" Applebaum
Chicago Bureau -- Todd L. Lintown
Europe -- Talia Goldstein
Asia -- Shirley McGuffin
Sports -- Kelvin Scales
Food -- Maxim Dorkee
Science & Computers -- Gil Bates
Subscriptions -- Leslie Samples
Circulation -- Dr. David Osterman
Public Relations -- Anita Goffman-Hoffman
Religion -- Finian Feinstein
Fashion Editor -- Cassandra Collier
Art -- Jordan Almond
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McGuffin's Untrue News is Copyright 1999 by Fool Moon, LLC.
McGuffin's Untrue News is Copyright 1999 by Fool Moon, LLC.
Copyright by Fool Moon LLC, 1998, 1999, 2000
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